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Learn More About Breast Lifts (Mastopexy)

Mastopexy raises and firms the breasts, recreating a youthful appearance. It is commonly performed after pregnancy and breastfeeding, significant weight loss, or as breasts age. Unlike breast reduction surgery, minimal breast tissue is removed in lifting the breast.

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The Procedure

Mastopexy raises and firms the breasts by reshaping the breast tissue and removing excess skin to support the new breast contour.  The surgery is performed as a day-care surgery which means an overnight hospital stay is not required.  Breast lifts can be done with or without augmentation at the same time, and this option will be discussed in full detail during your consultation with Dr. Oxley.  Different techniques for mastopexy exist and the right one for you will be selected after your consultation with Dr. Oxley.


Most women can return to office-type activity within a couple of weeks of surgery and feel normal after a month or so.  The sensation can be altered temporarily and the ability to breastfeed is slightly reduced.

What to Expect at the Consult

During your consultation with Dr. Oxley, one of the key areas that will be addressed is your expected result from having a breast lift.

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