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Learn More About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure that allows women to change their breast size to improve confidence and appearance.  Women choosing breast augmentation are looking to enlarge their breasts to make their bodies more proportional, to reshape breasts that have lost their shape after pregnancy and breast feeding, or to balance breasts that are different sizes. Dr. Oxley has performed hundreds of implant cases for cosmetic reasons as well as for reconstruction after cancer and congenital asymmetry.

doctor holding a silicon cushion

The Procedure

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and is a day-care surgery which means an overnight hospital stay is not required.  Both saline and silicone implants are available.

In your consultation with Dr. Oxley, you will be able to discuss the many options available, including size, implant type, incision location, and implant positioning.


Incision Location

There are two locations for your incision.

The most common incision is beneath the crease of the breast. The advantages are that it is easy for the surgeon to place, there is a decreased chance of bacterial infection, and it provides an easy re-entry point for future revision surgery if necessary.

An incision at the nipple has the advantage of easy placement and a reduced chance of bacterial infection. This incision is known to temporarily alter sensation but has no effect on the ability to breast feed, reduce cancer detection, and a secondary incision may still be necessary for revision surgery.

Note that the above information is for general purposes and that the precise incision location is dependant on your own specific needs. During your consultation, Dr. Oxley will cover in depth the options and suggested course of action that best suits you.

Implant Type

Saline implants come in a variety of sizes and projections. Saline implants are FDA approved, and any leakages or implant ruptures are easily noticeable to the naked eye. A woman starting with less breast tissue may visibly notice a slight rippling of the saline implant that would not occur with a silicone implant.

Silicone implants are also FDA approved and have a more natural feel and look to them than saline. However, any leakage or ruptures with silicone implants are more difficult to detect. New advances in cohesive gel implants have reduced leakage rates and related complications to close to zero.

As each individual varies, Dr. Oxley will carefully consider your specific requirements and concerns during your consultation.


You will be able to return to regular activity within a couple of weeks after surgery, in most cases. Recovery time and post-operative care depends on the type of breast augmentation and your own individual needs and medical history, and will be discussed in detail with Dr. Oxley during your consultation.

What to Expect

During your consultation with Dr. Oxley, one of the key areas that will be addressed is your expected result from having breast augmentation.

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